ZamaSchool, a startup at BIC University of Malakand, has won the HEC's Innovator Seed Fund Award of USD 35,000.

Published on 7 Sep, 2023
ZamaSchool EdTech (Pvt) Ltd, a startup endorsed by the Business Incubation Centre at the University of Malakand, has secured the Innovator Seed Fund Award 2023. ZamaSchool offers a comprehensive suite of tech solutions to the education industry, revolutionising the way educational institutions are managed and how they deliver value through seamless delivery of quality education. Startups from across the country competed for the highly sought-after Innovator Seed Fund (ISF) Award, which is offered by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) through its World Bank-supported Higher Education Development in Pakistan (HEDP) program. The award provides a grant of $35,000 as seed funding, along with incubation support.Fazli Yadan, founder and CEO of ZamaSchool, expressed gratitude to BIC, UOM, and Fazli Subhan, Head of BIC, for their exceptional support throughout the application and pitching process. He expressed the hope that Zama School would scale rapidly with the ISF Funding and BIC UOM support.Fazli Subhan, echoed Yazdan’s sentiment regarding the scale-up potential, considering ZamaSchool’s newly pivoted business model and ISF funding to support traction and scale. He hoped that this achievement would inspire the youth of the region to engage in entrepreneurship. He also extended his thanks to Professor Rashid Ahmad, Vice- Chancellor of the University of Malakand, for his unwavering support in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship. He acknowledged the efforts of the ORIC team, especially Dr Muhammad Usman, director ORIC, and Maqsood Mazhar, manager research operations, ORIC, who have set new standards in offering team support to help BIC achieve its objectives and vision. Prof Rashid Ahmad, vice-chancellor of the University of Malakand, congratulated Fazli Yazdan on the win and pledged his full support for scaling ZamaSchool during its incubation at UOM.
Education Institute Secures Innovator Seed Fund Award