Scope of Work

ORIC Pillars

  • Research Development and operation 
  • University-Industrial Linkages
  • Commercialization & Intellectual Property

Mandate and Functions of ORIC:  

  • Strengthen university-industry relations
  • Funding for Contractual/adaptive Research 
  • Revenue Generation from Research Commercialization  
  • Protect Intellectual property rights
  • IP & Technology transfer policy
  • Securing Investment for Incubator Companies 
  • Promote entrepreneurship, technology transfer and commercialization activities.
  • Help and guide on patent filing and licensing 
  • Interface between faculty and the commercial sector 
  • Work with patent counsel to assess patentability/licensing  

University-Industry linkages – Key Functions:

  • Promote the development of public –private partnerships in support of university research.
  • Link the university's research community with the needs and priorities of the corporate sector.
  • Develop opportunities for adaptive research
  • Explore opportunities for technology transfer
  • Commercialization of the university research
  • Promotion and improvement of local and national industries including;
  • Mineral Industry
  • Cottage and Garments Industry
  • Food and Agriculture Industry
  • Tourism Industry
  • Conservation of Archeological sites
  • Software engineering Industry
  • Cosmetic industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Social Enterprises
  • Olive production and processing

Research & Development – Key Functions:

  • Fund raising for research projects
  • Promotion of research culture
  • Facilitating faculty about various available research grants in Pakistan and abroad
  • Support for travel grants
  • Capacity building of Faculty & Students to improve their research skills
  • Incentives for researchers
  • R&D Database Management
  • Support in development of grant proposals 


  • Funding for patent applications 
  • In-house preparation and filing of provisional patent applications 
  • Market analyses of university intellectual property 
  • Data management 
  • Policy analysis development  
  • Administrative support 
  • Market Exploration