Mevlana Exchange Program Turkey - Academic Year 2020-21

Published on 13 Jul, 2020
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For the information of all those who have submitted their applications under the Mevlana Exchange Program through ORIC UoM, Please find the bellow email from Mr. Tolga Kargin, Usak University Turkey regarding the updated status of the subject program.




Dear Colleagues,


I hope this email finds you well in this challenging time.



We have received hundreds of applications from all our Mevlana partners this year, and I have to mention that this is a great honor for Usak University. However, the Council of Higher Education of Turkey has decided to cancel the exchange program for 2020-2021 academic year because of Covid-19 Pandemic. This is a sad news, but we all know that almost all the international fundings were canceled for the next year to take pre-cautions against Covid-19. 


We will send you another notification if we hear any good news from the Council of Higher Education of Turkey about the resume of the Mevlana Exchange Programme applications.


Thanks for your understanding and hope to get back to you with good news soon. 


Kind Regards,



Tolga Kargin, PhD
Assistant Professor, Elementary Education

Vice Coordinator, International Relations Office

Usak University, Turkey
+90 (276) 221 2121 / 2162