ORIC has been operating at the University of Malakand for quite a while under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Rashid Ahmad. In line with the guidelines by HEC, fulltime staff was added to ORIC to strengthen it and ensure its effectiveness. In this regard, Mr. Fazli Subhan and Mr. Asif Imran have been transferred to ORIC.

Director | Prof. Rashid Ahmad, PhD

Prof. Rashid Ahmad, the founder of ORIC at UOM, is a disntinguished academic and researcher in the field of Chemistry. He is also serving as Chairman, Department of Chemistry, University of Malakand, having transformed it into a flagship department of the University with national and international recognition. His MSc and PhD were in the field of Fuel Chemistry, and he completed his Postdoc Fellowship from the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, USA in the field of Materials Chemistry. His research work has been published in peer reviewed journals of repute and he has also presented it in many national and international conferences. He is the winner of Research Productivity Award since its inception by PCST in 2002.

Prior to becoming an academic, Prof Rashid served PAEC as Senior/Principal Scientist at Chemistry Division/PINSTEC for 10 years. He has also provided consultancy services to many organisations in the field of chemical sciences and conservation.

Fazli Subhan | Manager, Research Operations

Mr Fazli Subhan has been transferred to ORIC as Manager Research Operations. He is an MBA graduate from the University of Liverpool, UK and has also completed his MPhil in Finance from University of Paris - Dauphine, and is currently in the final stages of his PhD. Mr. Fazli Subhan has more than 10 years experience in 5 different countries including UK, France, Belgium, UAE and Pakistan, in diverse positions. During his job at the International Banking Division of Royal Bank of Scotland, UK, Fazli Subhan received 5 Ovation Awards and was also nominated for the annual RBS Excellence Award. He also acted as internal trainer during his job at RBS.  Fazli Subhan has also taught International Corporate Finance on the Masters in International Business program at University Paris Dauphine which is offered in collaboration with Georgia State University, USA and San Francisco State University, USA with US students spending a year in France. He has also taught courses on the MBA and MS Finance programmes at London School of Business and Finance, London, UK. In Pakistan he has also taught at Institute of Management Sciences and Institute of Management studies, University of Peshawar, where he was awarded Teacher of the Tear award.
Mr. Fazli Subhan has extensive experience in Entrepreneurship. He has advised SMEs on different issues in UK, France, Belgium, UAE and Pakistan, and has been involved in the creation of successful startups.  At ORIC, he has been instrumental in promoting the culture of entrepreneurship in the University, and the success of University of Malakand in different Business Plan Competitions nationwide.

Asif Imran | Communications & Publications Specialist

To have a dynamic, pulsating and well-spoken person for the position of Communication and Publications Specialist, Mr. Asif Imran was found the most suitable nominee having a considerable experience in the University administration and therefore acknowledging his skills he has been transferred to this office. A BS Honours graduate in English Literature from the University of Malakand, Mr Asif Imran has a relationship with the University spanning 9 years. He has devotedly served the University as Assistant Provost for more than two years. The employees and students of this University are fully satisfied of his attitude, mild language and professionalism. He is trying his hands with full zeal and zest to establish the newly established office.

ORIC | Supporting Staff:

Sajjad | Data Entry Officer

Najeeb | Naib Qasid



Prof. Rashid Ahmad, PhD

Director, ORIC

Chairman Dept. of Chemistry




Fazli Subhan

Manager Research Operations, ORIC

Deputy Director, Bureau of Statistics

Lecturer, Department of Management Studies


Asif Imran

Communication & Publication Specialist, ORIC