One Day Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights

One Day Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights

One Day workshop on Intellectual Property Rights

Resource Person: Mr. Gulam Mujtaba, Assistant Controller IP

Workshop Objectives:

                                  I.            To aware and orient Academia, students and local industry on intellectual property rights, patents, trademarks and copy rights.

                                II.            To link Academia and students with IPO Pakistan

                              III.            To encourage students, researchers & faculty in filing application for patents, trademarks and copy rights and to promote that innovative product for commercialization.

                              IV.            Role of Academia / Students / Researchers and ORIC in the whole process.

Mr. Ghulam Mujtaba presented the subject topic in detail. He divided his lecture in three sessions. To make his presentation more interesting and interactive, Mr. Mujtaba played relevant motivational videos, encouraged the audience to ask questions and narrated practical examples relevant to intellectual property.

1-      Intellectual Property: Resource Person explained in detail the basics regarding IP (Creation of mind) with practical examples like poetry, books, CDs, Audio / Videos, music, movies, video games, paintings, sports items, fabric, medicines, plane, food /drink items, plants varieties, computer hardware / software, cars, brand, inventions and trade strategies etc

2-      Different types of intellectual property (IP) and their time validity. Following IP Types were discussed in detail:

                                 I.            Patent

                               II.            Trade mark

                             III.            Industrial Designs

                            IV.            Copy rights

                              V.            Geographical Indications (GIs)

                            VI.            Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) and PBR Law in Pakistan

3-      Infringements: different infringements / Violation were explained in detail by giving relevant examples:

                                 I.            PBR Infringements

                               II.            Trade Mark (TM) Infringements