Opportunity for Early Career Researchers (within 5 years of PhD graduation) & Current Research Students to win $AUD 40,000

Published on 24 Nov, 2021

The research event InSPiR2eS Global Pitching Research Competition (IGPRC)”. is launched worldwide offering a prize pool of $40,000.  (In 2018 the event was organized at HEC successfully) 

Some key details of the upcoming Global Pitching Research competition (IGPRC) are as follows:   

What is it: The InSPiR2eS Global Pitching Research competition (IGPRC) is built on Professor Robert Faff’s (2015) Pitching Research Tool, which provides a framework for researchers to effectively communicate their research ideas to an academic field expert in a compelling, succinct manner prior to embarking on the project.   

Prizes: With generous support across a wide variety of sponsors, most notably Bond University and ElsevierIGPRC has a prize pool of $AUD 40,000, including $AUD 10,000 for the overall competition winner.  

Key dates: The deadline for final submission of entries is 28 February 2022. The “gala” online Grand Final will be held in May 2022.   

Key resources (What, Why, When, How):