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Universities have played a key role in the process of economic growth, as both a source of new knowledge and a trainer of scientists and engineers who work in industrial laboratories. Around the world, countries have recognised that research universities are key to the knowledge economy of the 21st century and that they are crucial national assets. They promote the excellence in research and education by emphasising the mutual dependence of these activities at the highest levels of learning.

There is a need in Pakistan to focus on research that can contribute to the knowledge economy in terms of innovation and which can at the same time be commercialized. In this regard, the role of university in fostering entrepreneurship and developing linkages with various industries as well as working with policy makers is paramount. The importance of the entrepreneur and entrepreneurship in driving growth and maintaining and sustaining economic development is not a secret anymore. The backbone of American and European economies has always been innovation and entrepreneurship with the SME sector contributing more to the GDP than big corporations. In these countries, the twin engines of entrepreneurship and the knowledge economy have ushered in many radical innovations: new forms of technology—from IT to biotech—new patterns in society, new demands on the workplace, even new modes of living. Universities were instrumental in developing much of this radical innovation.

The focus on entrepreneurship at the University of Malakand will ensure that the University’s staff, research students and other students develop innovative ideas and transform them into viable business ventures with the support of the University. This will not only result in scientific development of the country and the university but will also allow the university to produce graduates who are job providers instead of job seekers. ORIC University of Malakand has been very active in this regard, and has been training and motivating students and faculty in coming up with innovative ideas which can be commercialized and on focusing on research that can make an impact on people’s live and the country’s economy.

The University is also aiming to establish and maintain linkages with industries in which it has expertise and facilities available. These linkages will ensure that the focus of research at the University of Malakand will be on solving problems that the society faces at large and developing solutions that can be commercialized at the same time to contribute to the development of national economy and at the same time ensure an additional source of funding for its its research and teaching commitments.

The University has also established linkages with various NGOs for joint-research projects and capacity building. It can has the expertise available to assist the government on working for solutions to various social and economic problems.

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