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Research at the University of Malakand has been getting national and international recognition lately. Faculty and researchers have presented their papers in various national and international conferences and seminars. These conferences and seminars not only allow faculty to present their papers in front of experts in the domain and peers from other universities of repute, but also allow them to develop research contacts, as well as get recommendations and professional advice on how to improve their research paper.



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National Conference/Seminar



Fazal Hadi
Michael P Fuller

The physiological and molecular characteristics of chemically induced abiotic stress resistant mutants of cauliflower (Brassica oleracea var. botrytis)


Jan 10-12, 2012.

National Science Conference: Roadmap of cutting edge technologies. Organized by Pakistan Academy of Science, in Arid Agricultural University Rawalpindi


Itbar Khan and Nazia Saeed

Impact of classroom size on students achievement in Dir Lower, Pakistan


20-21 August, University of Karachi, Pakistan

Teacher Recruitment, preparation and policy


Mumtaz Ali

Isolation & Characterization of hydroxyl xanthone from hypericum oblongifolia


October 15-17, 2012

11th Int. and 23rd Nat. Chem. Conference 2012, NCEPC University of Peshawar


Ezzat Khan

Synthesis and characterization of spirosilanes





M.Naveed -Umar

Picolylamin based organo catalyst for asymmetric aldol reactions





Behisht Ara

Preaparation & characterization of uniform MIP beads for separation of triazine herbicides





Maria Sadia

Preconcentration and determination of Ni (II) and Co (II) using functionalized mesoporous silica spheres by ICPOES





Mian Muhammad

Spectrofluorimetric determination of Isoproturon (IPU) herbicide in spiked grains samples through derivatization with 2-Cyanoacetamide


July 1-5, 2012

2nd symposium on recent trends in indigenous chemical research and awareness on data presentation skills


Behisht Ara

Preaparation & characterization of uniform MIP beads for separation of triazine herbicides





Maria Sadia

Preconcentration and determination of Ni (II) and Co (II) using functionalized mesoporous silica spheres by ICPOES





International Conference/Seminar


Fazal Hadi (Speaker)
Asghari Bano
Michael P Fuller

Phytoextraction of Lead (Pb+2) polluted soils; using different strategies for the selection of the best way of soil restoration


Sep.13-16, 2011,

Eighth International Phytotechnologies Conference: Doubletree Inn, Portland, Oregon, USA. 


Fazal Hadi
Michael P Fuller

Enhanced Tolerance to Abiotic Stress in Cauliflower (Brassica oleracea var. botrytis L.) by Mutagenesis



08-11 February 2009

International Conference ‘Plant Abiotic Stress Tolerance’
Vienna, Austria,


Fazal Hadi
Michael P. Fuller, Martyn Gilpin and Raid B. Nisr

Identification and expression analysis of CBF/DREB1 and COR15a in dehydration stress resistant mutants of cauliflower (Brassica oleraceae v. botrytis)


30th June – 3rd July 2010

Society For Experimental Biology
Annual Main Meeting,
Prague, Czech Republic


Aftab Ali Shah,
N. Blin, M. Baus-Loncar
M. Lubka,

Novel interacting partners of the TFF3 (intestinal trefoil factor) connect it with apoptosis in the inner ear





1st Joint Congress of the Swiss and German Societies of Cell Biology”, University of Konstanz, Germany.


Aftab Ali. Shah, Martina Mihaljd,    Ivana Ratkaye   Maria Lubka-Pathak   Peter Balogh  Karin Klingel  Erwin Bohn  Nikolaus Blin   Mirela Baus-Loncar

Challenging of immune compromised Tff2 knock-out mice with Yersinia enterocolitica infection




6th International Conference on the Trefoil Factor Family” at the Octagon, Queen Mary, University of London, UK.


Aftab Ali shah,petra Leidinger, Andreas Keller Anke Wendschlag, christina Backes, Mirela Baus-Loncar,  echart Meese Nikolaus Blin

The intestinal factor Tff3 and a miRNA network regulate murine caloric metabolism




The Non-Coding Genome” at EMBL (European Molecular Biology Laboratory) Advanced Training Center, Heidelberg, Germany


Aftab Ali Shah,  Petra Leidinger,  Andreas Keller,  Anke Wendschla,   Eckart Meese,  Nikolaus Blin

Differential miRNA expression pattern in Tff2-impaired mice is connected with neoplastic development, carbohydrate metabolism and adipocytokine pathway




34th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Cell Research (DGZ)” Bonn, Germany


Aftab. Ali Shah, M. Lubka-Pathak, M. Gallozzi, M. Muller, U. Zimmermann, H.Lowenheim  M. Pfister, M. Knipper, N. Blin, T. Schimmang

1. Altered expression of securin (Pttg1) and serpina3n in the auditory system of hearing-impaired Tff3-deficient mice.
2.Regulatory miRNAs target genes for cytoprotective peptides of the digestive tract




Leopoldina Symposium “Regenerative Medicine”, Tuebingen, Germany.


Arab Naz, Hafeez-ur-Rehman, Qaiser Khan and Ikram Shah (2011)

An analytical study of peer influence on behavioral modification and academic performance of students in higher education of Pakistan

Vol. 2 (4). Pp.704-10. November, 2011. ISSN.2229-5356.

25-26 November, 2011

1st International Online Conference on Psychology and Allied Sciences. New Horizon in Social Sciences Research, Organized by Indian Association of Health, Research and Welfare, Centre for Behavioral Research and Intervention, GJUS&T, Hisar. India.


Khalid Saeed

Effect of multiwalled carbon nanotubes on the morphology, thermal and medicinal properties of electrospun polyacrylonitrile nanofibers


October 17-21, 2009

9th International seminar on polymer science and technology.Tehran,  Iran


Khalid Saeed

Preparation and analysis of nanoclay/nylon-6 electrospun nanofibers


October 10-13, 2010

2nd international conference on nanomechines and nanocomposites, ICNN-2, Beijing, China


Khalid Saeed

Preaparation & characterization of multiwalled carbon nanotubes/polyvinyl chloride nanocomposites


August 11-16, 2013

44th IUPAC world chemistry congress, Istanbul, Turkey


Muhammad Zahoor

Detoxification of aflotoxin by carbon nanostructures prepared from biomass





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